Expedition for the Earth

The Nova Scotia Nature Trust is excited to announce the launch of the second Expedition for the Earth: Iceland 2016. The goal of the expedition is to raise funds and awareness to help to preserve land and wild spaces in Nova Scotia, while challenging participants to explore special protected areas in another part of the world on a guided adventure expedition.

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Iceland 2016: Fjallabak Nature Reserve

Experience spectacular volcanic landscapes, inviting hot springs and the wonder of one of earth’s most geologically active landscapes on this 7 day journey through Iceland's Fjallabak Nature Reserve.

Isolated from all other landmasses, Iceland is a unique and interesting place to explore. Challenge yourself and awaken your sense of discovery in this unique, rugged landscape , all while helping to create new protected areas in your own backyard by raising funds to protect wild spaces here in Nova Scotia.

For the adventure.
The environment.
And the experience of a lifetime!

You’ve done the charity walks, marathons and relays. Take it to the next level, with an unforgettable adventure expedition for charity. Experience this spectacular protected area and raise funds to protect your own natural legacy in Nova Scotia.

The Trek at a Glance

The Iceland 2016 expedition will give you the opportunity to explore the breathtaking landscapes of the Fjallabak Nature Reserve.

Iceland is full of secrets ready to be discovered! Throughout your adventure, you will experience the natural wonders of Iceland, from relaxing in warm geothermal pools to having the chance to catch the mystical Aurora Borealis. This trek will be guided by renowned travel company Berg Adventures International. Their knowledgeable and passionate guides will keep you safe, comfortable, engaged and educated about your environment and surroundings.

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The Cause

Expedition for the Earth is in support of the Nova Scotia Nature Trust, a charity dedicated to protecting the most unique and outstanding natural areas of Nova Scotia, from old-growth forests and pristine coastline wilderness to critical habitat for and rare and endangered species, through land conservation. Funds raised by Expedition for the Earth participants will go directly to preserving clean air, clean water, critical habitats, and outstanding natural areas in Nova Scotia for generations to come.

The Destination

Iceland's Fjallabak Nature Reserve, established in 1979, is home to breathtaking scenery and natural landscapes including colourful volcanoes, grassy plains, inviting hot springs and one of the most active volcanic regions in the world.

The ever-changing landscape makes conditions difficult for plants and animals alike. The result is a rugged, beautifully desolate environment with an interesting natural history.

Read more about the landscapes, geology, flora and fauna of this iconic region »

Sponsors and Partners

Nova Scotia Nature Trust

The Nature Trust is Nova Scotia’s leading land conservation charity, focused exclusively on protecting the province’s outstanding natural areas. Since 1994, the Nature Trust has worked together with landowners and local communities to protect the places they love. To date the Nature Trust has protected more than 10,000 acres, from unspoiled lakeshores, coastal wilderness and old growth forests to important wildlife habitat.

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Become a Sponsor

Join as an expedition sponsor and gain many marketing and promotional benefits OR send your company to Iceland!  Sponsor an employee or a valued customer and take advantage of unique opportunities to promote your company’s own Iceland 2016 charity challenge. Encourage employees, customers and the general public to support your efforts to reach your fundraising goal in support of land conservation in Nova Scotia.

We invite you to join us for this exciting, unrivaled initiative that goes beyond charity runs, relays and sports events, golf tournaments and dinners that flood the charity/sponsorship market. It’s a unique adventure, to a unique destination, and it’s raising funds for a unique cause.  We look forward to helping you to meet your company’s charitable, marketing and environmental goals!

Become an expedition sponsor today. Contact the Nature Trust at (902) 425-5263 or expedition@nsnt.ca to get a sponsorship package.


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